The star of the show !
Is the sausage slicer difficult to use ?

It is a very intuitive device and only takes a few seconds to learn how to use it. Unlock the safety catch. Place the sausage under the metal safety hoop, start off slowly, move the knife back and forwards, then taste. Enjoy !

What safety precautions need to be taken ?

The blade of the sausage slicer is extremely sharp.Make sure you keep your fingers at a distance from the slicing area. When youare not using the device, the safety catch must always be locked. We stronglyadvise you to wear cut-resistant gloves (on sale via our website). Never leave the sausageslicer within reach of children.

Is the sausage slicer designed to slice any type of sausage ?

Yes, as long as the sausage diameter is not bigger than that of the blade. Apart from a few rare, delicious local specialities with a very large diameter, the overwhelming majority of sausages fit the slicer.

Does the Guillotine slicer only slice sausages ?

Although the Guillotine slicer blade was specifically designed for sausages, it is also perfect for slicing vegetables (leeks, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, bread (fine French baguettes) and even truffles.

Can the sausage slicer be cleaned in a dishwasher ?

NO. The Guillotine slicer is crafted by hand, in untreated wood, which is a living material that requires great precision when worked. Cleaning it in a high-temperature dishwasher could distort it irreversibly (this is not covered by the guarantee). It should be cleaned with a sponge slightly dampened with soapy water. Then dried immediately.

My sausage slicer is not fast and smooth when I operate it. What can I do ?

As wood is a living material, it will probably ‘work’ a little, especially in unusually damp conditions. In this case, leave your slicer in a cool, dry place for a few hours so that it can recover its original characteristics. If this does not work, then oil the wood with some cooking oil. If the problem persists, then sand the knife-slide lightly with sandpaper and then oil it.

Do I need to sharpen the blade ?

NO. The sausage slicer blade is a micro-toothed blademade of very high-hardness steel. Like certain micro-toothed kitchen knives,its lifespan is extremely long under normal conditions of use. You will be able to enjoy it for many years to come. You can sharpen it, if you wish, using a special toothed-blade sharpener or call upon a professional to do it for you.

Is the sausage slicer currently in stock ?

When "in stock” is specified, then it means that the slicer is available. If this is not the case, then a date is mentioned on the website. In the event of stock-out, orders may still be placed. So Apéro ! will inform you of the restocking date personally.

Why can minors not purchase the slicer ?

Just like a knife, the sausage slicer is a cuttingtool that involves exposure to being seriously cut if it is not strictly usedin accordance with the Instructions for Use. These mention, moreover,that it is strongly recommended to wear a cut-resistant glove to protectagainst cutting your hand.

Which means of payment are accepted ?

You may pay for your purchases in several differentways:

•By credit card (via the fully-secure SP+ Caisse d’Epargne Bank system)
• By cheque (order processed once the cheque is cashed)
• PayPal
• By bank transfert

Can I buy the slicer as a gift for someone ?

Yes. You just need to specify the delivery address for the person to whom you wish to offer the slicer. We do not currently propose a "Gift wrapping” service or the possibility to include a personal message. For any special request, please contact us directly using the contact form here. here.

What do you use my personal data for ?

As mentioned in our General Terms and Conditions of Sale  So Apéro ! complies fully with the French Data Protection Act (loi Informatique et Libertés). We also undertake to withhold your email address from third parties in an effort to prevent your email box from being overrun with unwanted mails (spam).